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Elizinn Savoury Treats

Not everyone likes sugar (all be they few and far between. Perhaps you fall into that category or mabe you’re on a diet. It’s worth noting that salt in Turkish culture symbolizes bounty. Reflecting that, we’ve got plenty  - and we mean plenty! – of salty/savory pastry options for all taste buds that you won’t be able to wait to sink your teeth in.

Fresh beyond fresh

We make and bake all of our pasties fresh daily, and from scratch, aaaand under only the most hygienic of conditions.

Options galore:

We’ve got something for everybody. Whether you like crunchy or cheesy or herby – the possibilities are endless: poğaças, açmas, simit, böreks, bread sticks, mini-pizzas, sandwiches, savory cookies, buns stuffed with cheese, soujuk, wiener meat, ground beef, potato… yumm!

Perfect for every occasion

Our savory pastries suit any occasion and no occasion at all: five o’clock tea, kid’s birthday parties, breakfast on the go, pick nicks, you name it. If you happen to be an Ankara and have a hankering for something salty and doughy, or you need a little down time, then drop on by:

Our address:
Kavaklıdere Tunalı Hilmi Cd. 81/A Ankara
Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you.  
Our tel:  0312 427 40 44
Our website: