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No one likes food as much as we do. Moreover, we can’t wait to share our love of food with you either. No matter the occasion, we’ve got something for every one, whether you like salty, spicy, sour, bitter, or sweet.

If you haven’t noticed already, we proudly serve both Turkish cuisine and dishes from other parts of the world as well. One of our personal fave’s is the taco – Mexico’s national food. Believe us, you won’t find them anywhere else in Turkey. Better still, they go great with just about everything.

Yo quiero chicken & beef tacos!

All of are tacos contain fresh – and we mean fresh – red onions, corn, red beans, tomatoes, and of course, and jalapeños. We make all of the tortillas ourselves as well. All you have to do is choose between whether you want marinated beef or chicken, and if you want guacamole or salsa (or both) on the side. All our tacos come with French fries. Now, there’s no need to fly all the way to North America to taste the real thing!

Come to us for a taco, or let the taco come to you

Did we just hear you say, “Yo quiero taco?” Drop by today and get your taco fix. Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you. Simply pick up the phone and dial, or visit our website and add to your shopping cart, and spice your night up!