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Be you drop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a simple coffee & cake, be rest assured that you’ll leave more than satisfied. Those who use our catering service say the same, too! We pride ourselves in three things: great food (both Turkish and international alike), great ambiance (just like home!), and great customer service (you rang?) – oh, and lots of choice (and we mean lots!).

Why not start with a starter?

Have you (and your friends) ever gone into a restaurant so hungry that waiting for your meal to come was like torture? We know the feeling! Worry not, we won’t let you starve when you visit us – no sirry! Our solution to the problem: starters (aka. appetizers) – and lots of them. Bite-size yet plentiful... they’re great to snack on – and they arrive at your table in a jiffy. Did we mention that they’re so good that you’re likely to want to know what’s next?

Warm starters, warm hearts

Some crispy, others soft – our warm starters are bound to add a wee bit of colour to your table, house gatherings, business meetings, or even Superbowl Sundays. Chicken fingers, crepes, spring rolls with soya sauce, breaded mushrooms, mozza sticks, onion rings, mini böreks, grilled wieners, spicy potato wedges... we’ve got ‘em all, and more. You can order them one by one or – if happen to be a bigger crowed (or have got a bigger appetite) –  in combo baskets. All you’ve gotta do is state what it is you’re craving, and then leave the rest to us. Everything comes with your choice of a side of garden greens and/or dipping sauce.

We’re always at your beck and call

No matter how hectic your day is, it’s important to take a breather. We’ve got just the thing you need, so why not drop by when you’ve got a minute?!

Can’t home to us? We’ll come to you! Simply visit our website or pick up the phone and place your order today.