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When you think syrup dessert, think Elizinn!

Syrup-based desserts constitute a quintessential part of Turkish-Ottoman cuisine. For centuries, they’ve been winning over souls and accompanying conversations. Perfectionists at heart, our pastry chefs are proud to carry on that tradition and make mouths water. Be it baklava, kadayıf, şöbiyet, sarma, or burma, every last ingredient that goes into it – flour, butter/oil, sugar, walnuts, Gaziantep pistachios – is as fresh as can be and of the best quality.  One bite and you’ll be walking on cloud nine, two bites and you’ll be asking for more...

A traditional dessert for traditional celebrations

Syrup-based deserts tend to be reserved for special occasions in Turkish culture, namely religious holidays and wedding engagements (including asking for the bride-candidate’s father’s blessing), alongside certain celebrations such as getting a new job or the launching of a new enterprise.

Layer after layer of buttered pastry as thin as hair, generous helpings of nuts, honey-like syrup... Perrrfect!

If you happen to be in Ankara and want the ultimate Turkish dessert experience (always accompanied by a piping hot glass of black tea), drop by Elizinn today. Want to surprise your sweet heart or bestie? Simply pick up the phone and dial, or visit our website and add to your shopping cart. That’s right, we’ll come to you!