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Sometimes you just need something sweet. We stock our restaurant exactly for such moments. We’ve got it all: cakes, cupcakes, pastries, syrup- and milk-based deserts. We make them by hand every morning, with love, from only the freshest organic ingredients. All you have to do is come in, point out what you want from the display cooler, and eat --- whenever you want.

Milk-based dessets: divine and light going down

With few exceptions, most of our milk-based desserts take root in Ottoman Imperial cuisine. We’ve chosen only the best of them to whip up in our kitchen and serve you, so that you feel like royalty. Appearance-wise, they are fit for a sultan. Taste wise, they’re simply divine on the tongue and light as a feather going down.

Tons to chose from!

Our options are limitless – and a kalaedescope of colors. If you want something more traditionally Turkish, try our fırın sütlaç, keşkül, tavuk göğüsü, aşure, muhallebi (with mastic), or kazandibi. If tradition with a twist is more your thing, than why not try muhallebi with kadayıf and black cherry sauce, or with a crown of raspberries? Maybe something more international is up your alley: we’ve also got profiterole, chocolate pudding, and tres leches with loads of caramel. Cravin’ sugar, sugaa…? Drop by Elizinn today. Can’t come to us, we’ll come to you – Simply pick up the phone and dial, or visit our website and add to your shopping cart.