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It goes without saying that at Elizinn, we beat to our own drum. We’re proud of the fact that you won’t find most of what’s on our menu anywhere else. This is especially true of our waffles and desserts…  

Our approach to things is simple: fresh ingredients and state-of-the-art culinary expertise coupled with lots of love and attention to detail, Oh, and daring to think outside the box!  If you’re as much a connoisseur of good food as we are, then you’ve come to the right address!

Life is short, eat our dessert first

You heard us right! Moreover, what you eat at Elizinn, stays at Elizinn. How? Why, most of what we serve up we invented ourselves, of course! Take our chocolate, cake icing, and fruit waffle, for example... Bet you haven’t heard of that before!

We make everything from scratch using only our own recipes (batter included) and only fruit that is in season and delivered to us at dawn. The result is pure magic that would even make Merlin the Wizard blush! Just imagine the heavenly sweet aroma of waffles wafting out of the kitchen, chocolate sauce that flows like lava, generous dollops of real ice cream, and thick chunks off banana, kiwi, strawberries... oh my.... Wait, no need to imagine, drop by and see (smell, taste) a plate for yourself!  

Did I hear chocolate and forest fruit pancakes?

Imagine stacks of fluffy pancakes made from your choice of chocolate or vanilla batter (or both)... with layer upon layer of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, kiwi, and banana in between… oh, and a river of strawberry and black cherry sauce trickling down…. Oh, and a dollop of fresh ice cream on top!

It’s hard to find a sad banana

Especially at Elizinn...  Especially if it’s a split~ We’ve kicked the classic banana split up not, one, not two, not three, but ten notches! How, you ask? First by breading the banana, then deep frying it... On top, we drizzle honey, chocolate syrup, icing sugar, and then add that dollop of ice cream for good measure (it’s a must!). Now you tell us, could that possibly be a sad banana?