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Bowls that look... and taste like art!

At Elizinn, we’re always looking to give ourselves a challenge and to beef our menus up at the same time with new and exciting dishes – Turkish, international, and fusion alike. One such an example of this is our line of treats in a bowl.

Hearty, wholesome, balanced

Bowls are all the rage on social media, and now they’re at Elizinn too. They are the perfect symbol of balanced eating. You’ve got your fibre, your protein, your greens, your vitamins and your minerals all in one place. Did we mention that they’re practical, too? Oh, and how colourful they are? Health food doesn’t have to be taste-free and boring!  We think that it ought to be fun, don’t you?

They’re great for athletes, those on a diet, and those simply seeking something a wee bit different...

Chicken Bowl, Meat Bowl, Light Bowl, One Bowl, Two Bowl... At Elizinn, the sky’s the limit when it comes to our bowls. Choose from a combination of chicken, beef, köfte, garden greens, quinoa, bulgur, dressing, olive oil, yoghurt, and grilled or boiled veggies... Whether you’re craving something light, or meaty, we’ve got just what your looking for. Whatever you dig, they all taste great!

We’re always at your beck and call

Drop by and have one of our delicious treats in a bowl today! Breakfast, lunch, dinner... every meal time is a perfect time!

Can’t home to us? We’ll come to you! Simply visit our website or pick up the phone and place your order today.