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Eat the spaghetti to frogetti your regretti

In the words of the Italian director Federico Fellini: “life is a combination of magic and pasta.” We couldn’t agree more! There’s next to no one on this planet who doesn’t like pasta in one form or another. Here at Elizinn, our expert chefs have kicked that up a notch and brought pasta dishes from all around the world right to your table. Whatever your mood, they make for the perfect comfort food (dare we say, you may even want seconds!)

Just a-like Nonna use-ta make!

When you’re hungry, we don’t just want to feed your belly. We want to feed your soul too.  All of our pastas are made with love, from scratch, and from the freshest ingredients out there – so much so that you’d swear up hill and down dale that there was a Nonna (Italian grandmother) running the kitchen.

The Pastabilities Are Endless

It’s been said in heaven, after antipasto, the first course will be pasta. At Elizinn, we’ve taken that idea and run with it, to create a little bit of heaven on earth, in the heart of Ankara...

Oh, and the pastabilities are endless. We’ve got spaghetti, penne, fettuccine, linguine, tortellini, and chow mein noodles. What about toppings you ask? Sauce wise, you can always choose from pesto, Nopolitana, Bolognese, Alfredo, and spicy Arabbiata if Italian is your thing. There’s also curry and sweet & sour if you’ve got your heart set on something more Oriental. Want something a bit heavier? Why not try our four-cheese, steak, chicken, or even veggie pasta?

Drop by today, and set yourself a goal: Less upsetti, more spaghetti.

Can’t home to us? We’ll come to you! Simply visit our website or pick up the phone and place your order today.  

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