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Gourmet mezes make for dazzling tables

Mezes have been adorning Turkish spreads for centuries. Akin to Spanish tapas – i.e. mini meals, in essence – they are a must have at any long winding conversation or reminiscence. At Elizinn, our mezes are just like the one’s mother used to make, with love –  each and every one being a taste journey in its own right. While maintaining their traditional role, there is nothing stopping you from ordering a few simply to spoil yourself or liven up a large gathering, whatever the occasion. Colorful, stunning to look at, and even more stunning to eat, our gourmet mezes make for dazzling tables.

Healthy and always fresh

Our mezes are always fresh, put together under the most hygienic of conditions, and healthy. We only use the best, all organic seasonal ingredients (veggies, legumes, oils, and otherwise) – no pesticides, no additives.  We refuse to serve you what we won’t eat ourselves. You can be rest assured that what arrives at your table is literally the best of the best Turkey has to offer.

 “They’re to die for!”

Turkish mezes come either cold or hot. Cold mezes most often include salads and vegetables drenched in yoghurt or olive oil. Hot mezes tend to include börek (mini Balkan-style cheese pies), crepes, and pieces of fried meat, such as chicken. We’ve got something for everybody’s taste. You can be rest assured that you’ll never forget how they taste for as long as you live either. Cheers to happy memories!

Getting hungry? Drop by to day for a meze spread today. Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you. Simply pick up the phone and dial, or visit our website and add to your shopping cart.
They’re to die for!