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Elizinn Petit Fours

Meaning ‘small ovens’ in French, petit fours are itsy bitsy cakes. However, don’t let their size fool you. What they lack in scale, they make up for scrumptiousness and limitless variety. Our master pastry chefs bake them fresh daily, and add such a touch to them that looking at them is like gazing at a painting. Sweet and mouth watering, they make for the perfect snack at any occasion.

Mini Pockets of Deliciousness

They say that the smallest pleasures in life are in fact the biggest ones – especially when shared with others. For some, that means watching the sunrise. For others, it means waking up to a choir of chirping birds, or spotting a rainbow after an afternoon drizzle. Dare we add petit fours to the list? Our customers swoon over our tartlets, éclairs, and cream puffs. They liven up any five o’clock tea, baby shower, or bachelorette party, and will have your guests asking you, “can I have the recipe?”

Sweet food, sweet chit-chat

Our treats are the stuff that dreams are made of. Taste the rainbow with petit fours topped with sliced pineapple, kiwi, apricot, raspberries, and strawberries. If you can’t live without chocolate, then did we mention that the crowds go wild over chocolate-dipped chestnuts? Or, why not try our tarts with chocolate and either bananas or chestnuts, or with cake icing crowned with honey, coconut shavings, pistachios, fruit, and oh... did we mention more chocolate? All it takes is one bite and you’ll be a walkin’ down memory lane. Our regulars also go bananas for our mini banana cakes with cream, chocolate, and caramel. Our vanilla cream-filled éclairs are a particular favorite among anyone named Claire, from here to Kildare – they never lose their flare!

Our petit fours make great gifts and center pieces at any gathering. Sweet food, sweet chit-chat. Order today!