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Artisan Elizinn Cupcakes

Everybody loves cupcakes! Sweet, petite, and neat! All of our cupcakes are handmade and top with icing galore and fancy fondant figures – truly a colorful feast for the eyes and the taste buds!  We make them – with love – every day, using only the freshest, all natural ingredients – at the heart of which are organic milk, butter, and eggs. The only difference between ours and what Mum bakes at home is that we use giant industrial-grade mixing bowls. Order today and put the –arty in party!

Indulge your senses

Indulge all five sentences with our cupcakes. They’re stunning to look at, fantastic to smell (especially when they come fresh out of the oven), creamy on the tongue, adorable to hold, and like music to your ears every time someone says, “let’s buy cupcakes from Elizinn.”

Perfect for every occasion

Our cupcakes are perfect for the perfect gift and centerpiece at every occasion weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, tea parties, you name it. In fact, they’re so good that the occasion part isn’t necessary – you can eat them any time. Colorful and creamy, they’ll be the first thing your guests (or whoever you’re sharing the moment with) will ask about. And did we mention variety? Whatever your celebrating, we’ve got a theme for it all: Watermelon, flamingo, hello kitty, mermaids, teddy bear, high heel... Got a lady to woo? Marking the start of summer? The neighbor’s kids coming over to play? We won’t let you down, we promise! Our cupcakes are what dreams are made of...