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Anytime is a good time to have a slice of cake...

Anytime is a good time to have a slice of cake. Whatever the occasion, its impossible to say no to cake – it’s the ultimate spirit lifter. Our dessert odyssey began in Kavaklidere, Ankara back in 2006. Since then, we’ve been busy as bees creating treats for our menu that’ll have you beaming from ear to ear, and making a brand out for that.

We’ve but one passion: to sweeten all of your get together’s with the best desserts out there. From our heart to your tummy...

Elizinn Birthday Cakes: The Crown of Ankara

If you happen to be Ankara and are seeking a cake shop that’s both intimate and bubbly, then Elizinn is just the place for you.We’re always whipping up something new and exciting in our kitchen. Have you ever seen whipping cream and fruit dance the tango before? What about chocolate burst out laughing? We don’t just bake cakes; we perform magic! Transforming empty tables into works of art and making you feel like a million bucks is what we do best!

Shining on our shelves like diamonds in the sky, our birthday cakes are truly feasts for all five senses: sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell. We wake up before dawn to make them. Whether you’re celebrating grandma’s golden jubilee or you simply want cake for no reason in particular, we’ve got gazillions of gateaus that that’ll put the s in your surprize and make moments last forever!

Buy an Elizinn Birthday Cake and Go Back To When You Were a Kid

Available in endless varieties, our creamy, rainbowy, and sometimes chocolaty fruit cakes go down like velvet, make your taste buds sing, and take you back to when you were a kid.

From diversity to delivery, we oversee everything down to the tiniest detail to offer you top-notch service. We handpick all of our ingredients, collaborate with only the best brands in the business, and make everything in the most sanitary of conditions. Meticulous is our middle name.

We always look forward to seeing you at our shop. Alas, if you’re on the go, we’ll deliver right to your door in a special icebox. Simply phone us or visit our website:

0 (312) 427-4044

Save room for dessert!